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Types Of Female Orgasm You Have To Know


You may have heard about female orgasms, or you have experienced it yourself. However, some won’t believe that there are actually different types of orgasms that every woman can experience when having sexual intercourse or when doing it alone.

The female orgasms can be differentiated by anatomy, energy direction, orgasm’s strength and duration, and orgasm’s effects on the emotional, physical, energy, spiritual and mental spheres. In fact, there are some of the major erogenous spots in the body of women, and many will enjoy the stimulations when these spots were gently attacked. And what is the result? Orgasm!

Every woman might have different responses and can actually encounter distinctive orgasm in each area. But if you are just starting out finding the best female orgasm, we will give you the types of it so you can fully experiment the arousal and find out if it works best for you.

  • The Clitoral Orgasm

Partners already know what a clitoral orgasm is. It will lead to a short peak orgasm, which commonly lasts up to thirty seconds, mainly focusing in genital areas. Perhaps many are asking what female orgasm feels like when their clits are experiencing this one. The feeling of sharpness, intense and little shallow can be felt on this. Also, the pleasure you can feel will decline rapidly and your clit may feel a bit of pain and can become hypersensitive. Even in a more penetrative sex, there are best sex positions for the female orgasm that stimulate your clit more than others do.

  • The Nipple Orgasm

Nipple orgasm is one of the most common orgasms everyone used to know. Your nipples are the important erogenous spots, as they are connected to the energy channels to clit. Therefore, nipple stimulation can cause arousal to the clit and to the rest of the areas in the genitals.

To achieve this kind of orgasm, use a vibrator, finger or the mouth of your partner in stimulating the nipples. Create some movement like licking, biting, or sucking to find out different sensations. You can do this by up to twenty to thirty minutes.

Types Of Female Orgasm You Have To Know

  • The Vaginal Orgasm

This is another common type of best female orgasm. With this kind of orgasm, you can probably feel a lesser intensity compared to other orgasms we have on the list. However, once you find the most suitable position on this orgasm, you are guaranteed to feel a deeper feeling of pleasure with your partner.

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  • The Oral Orgasm

Some orgasms can start with a simple kiss. This might sound crazy, and others might disagree, but you can actually get an orgasm by simply kissing. And if you want to take it to the next level, you can go down on someone. This will highly depend on your mouth’s and tongue’s sensitivity. However, other women will see that sensation to travel their tongue going down to their body and then get an ultimate orgasm.

  • The Butt Sex

Not all are into butt sex because this might sound gross to others! But for those who think outside the box and willing to explore the dimensions of their sex lives, butt sex can be fascinating. To give you some ideas, this one can offer you a different level of pleasure once you do the best positions for female orgasm and make it right. As partners, you may more likely have to plan for it carefully. Have some lubrication and gentle movements so you can enjoy its slow process.

  • The Blended Orgasm

As what the name implies, the blended orgasm comes with a mix of two different stimulations – the clitoral and vaginal stimulations. Many women love this, and they prefer having blended orgasm because of its simplicity and easiness. Also, this gives a different level of pleasure without trying too hard.

Types Of Female Orgasm You Have To Know

  • The A-Spot Orgasm

The A-spot is referring to the area found deep in the vagina. When this area is reached during the sexual act, it may trigger an intensified orgasm. You may more likely have to find the best positions for female orgasm so you can reach that area since it keeps down there. If there is a chance you can reach this legitimate erogenous spot, you are ensured with one-of-a-kind pleasure.

  • The U-Spot Orgasm

This is another orgasm type that refers to the urethra. Because the urethra is found in the middle of the clitoral area, stimulating U-spot will help trigger the clitoral orgasm, which could become even more intense. You can try this hot female orgasm and take this pleasure to the next level.

Types Of Female Orgasm You Have To Know

  • The Zonegasm

Aside from targeting the most sensitive parts of the women, you can also turn them on by caressing their tickling zones. The random and non-sexual areas of the body such as inner thighs, clavicle or nape of the neck may trigger an orgasm by stimulating them. These zones can help women have a great tune before taking them to the real action. Though there are different types of female orgasms available, it is still better to give them an advanced conditioning beforehand.

  • The Mental Orgasm

Mental orgasm is a meditative sex. If you have the concentration, you can achieve this kind of orgasm without doing a much physical effort. You might don’t know, but you are already practicing this kind of female orgasm. All you have to do is to lay down clear your mind and think of something arousing. This could help you set yourself in the mood. For others, mental orgasm is their greatest escape to fulfill their fantasies, though it cannot exist in the real physical world.

Types Of Female Orgasm You Have To Know

These best female orgasms are not limited, and anyone could experience more aside from what we have listed above. So, there you have our different types of female orgasms! Which among these orgasms you already experienced or wanted to experience in the future? With the right practice, thinking and concentration, you will certainly enjoy the orgy activity either you are alone or with someone.

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