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Vaginal Itching


Sometimes women can experience irritation or pain on the vagina’s skin or its surrounding areas. Incessant itching results in scratching and a possible, unpleasant infection. Knowing more about it like how it starts and how to treat itching can be useful information to call upon in the future. Consider the following details.

What is Vaginal Itching?

Vagina itching or also known as Pruritus Vulvae is a medical condition that affects a lot of women all over the world. The medical definition is that an uneasy or tingling irritation of the vagina and surrounding vulvae area. This condition can affect women irrespective of age and is happen due to many reasons depending on age. While this condition might be avoided in some cases, reliance will focus on either home treatments or medications to ease and or treat the condition, depending on its main cause.

Vagina Itching

What Causes Vaginal Itching?

Understanding the causes of vaginal itching can assist you in knowing what to do about it fast.

  • Shaving Irritation

One possible reason for vaginal itching and burning is shaving irritation. Just in case the cause of your vagina itch is due to shaving, perhaps you will notice raised red bumps in some part of your vagina. Shaving irritation might not occur right away after shaving. You might begin to experience itching once the pubic hair starts to grow back. One effective way to avoid this specific cause of itching is to avoid shaving your vaginal area. But, when you’re determined to shave this part, there are many things that you can do to lessen irritation. First, make sure to use a sharp razor and a mild shaving cream. A dull razor will just irritate your skin. You must also try to shave after scrubbing or exfoliating the area, so your skin is likely to be irritated.

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  • Allergic Reaction

Another possible cause of vaginal dryness and itching is an allergic reaction. The fact that vaginal area is very sensitive, it’s possible to have an allergic reaction to something that doesn’t bother other parts of your skin. This allergic reaction can be caused by laundry detergent, perfumed soaps, or even fabric softener. When you changed brands weeks ago, then an allergic reaction can be the main cause of itching which you are suffering. In fact, there are a lot of manufacturers that change the components in their products more often. It is also likely that item to have an allergic reaction which has never bothered you before. The most excellent way to keep away from this allergic reaction is to utilize unscented laundry detergent or soaps, most essentially for anything which comes close to your vaginal area.

Allergic Reaction

  • Infection

Besides allergic reaction and shaving irritation, another possible cause of vagina itch is an infection. There are arrays of infections which cause vagina itch. However, yeast infections, as well as bacterial vaginosis, are the most popular ones. These infections are due to the overdevelopment of bad bacteria in the vagina. Once an infection is the cause of vagina itch that you’re experiencing, then you might have other signs like the bad smell on your vagina or gray discharge. Using plain yogurt is very effective for vaginal itching relief. There are also other substances available that can kill the bad bacteria and prolong the life of the helpful bacteria. This will treat the infection and at the same time stop the itching.

Vagina Itching

  • Changes in Hormone

The last possible reason of vagina itching is changed in the hormone. If you experience extreme vaginal itching, this might be due to hormonal change. A lot of girls find that they suffer itching on their genital parts during menstruation. Sad to say, in this case, there’s extremely little that you could do beyond keeping your vagina clean and make sure to wear loose clothes which allows your genital organ to breathe. It is extremely advisable to visit an expert if you experience an extreme vaginal irritation.

Vagina Itching

On the other hand, if the hormone related vagina itch is serious, it will be very helpful to visit a doctor to rule out some possible cause of the itching of your vagina.

If you’ve noticed that you have a horrible vaginal smell, then it can be caused by vaginosis. Having this kind of bacteria can be embarrassing and uncomfortable; however, it does not need to take over your life. In fact, there are many ways available on how to stop vaginal itching for good.

  • Vaginal Itching Prevention

Many preventative measures can be done to help avoid this condition. Avoiding perfumed or colored toilet tissue, feminine hygiene sprays, bubble bath and douches, consuming yogurt with live cultures when using antibiotics will help a lot. Other things to do will include getting your damp clothing off if you can, most essentially a bathing suit after swimming or clothing that soaked on sweat after your exercise or workout.

The same way, keeping your vagina dry and clean, utilizing plain, unscented soap as well as keeping your blood sugar in good condition when you have diabetes and losing weight helps a lot. Also, it is helpful to keep away from overexertion, too much sweating, heat and keeping away from scratching and sexual activity. Wearing loose clothes, not wearing artificial underwear and cycling shorts, and keeping away from sugary foods and drinking lots of water a day to keep your body well flushed are just some of the most effective home remedies for vaginal itch.

Vagina Itching

Vagina itch cream is also a very effective vagina itch relief that you can buy over the counter. But make sure to visit your doctor before using one. Vaginal itching and burning can be unlikable, bothersome as well as irritating. It must always be treated right away where possible utilizing either medical or natural cures. Better still is to stay away from the condition through taking suitable preventative measures, which suit the needs of the individual. Yeast infections and chemical irritant are the most frequent causes of vaginal itching so preventative measures must concentrate on these if possible. Continuing infection or any other strange accompanying signs must always be reported to a health professional.

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