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Vasectomy Study More Sex Orgasms Erections


Why can’t I orgasm? There are many reasons why you can’t orgasm. One of these is the medications that you are taking. Medications such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors can reduce sex hormones, which often leads to poor to no orgasms. If sex is good but you just can’t orgasm, your medications could be the culprit that you’re looking for. Talk to your physician and ask if he can prescribe another medication with fewer side effects. Here are other reasons why you cant orgasm.

You don’t know what works for you

A lot of women don’t have any idea what works for them. You can try to masturbate and stimulate your clit and inside the vagina simultaneously or separately to know what you want and share that with your partner.

Not getting enough foreplay

If your partner is not giving you enough foreplay, you are not getting turned on. You know how hard it is to orgasm when you’re not turned on. Tell your partner to slow down and give you enough time to get there.

Vasectomy Study More Sex Orgasms Erections

Penetration only

Some women can’t orgasm from penetration alone. You can add clitoral stimulation through a vibrator on the clitoris or through your hand during sex.

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Physical or anatomical problem

There are some medical problems that can affect your capability to orgasm such as clitoral entrapment. This is when the clitoris gets stuck under the clitoral hood skin, which makes it less sensitive. If you’ve been asking yourself “why I cant orgasm,” you should visit a gynecologist make sure that you’re not suffering from any physical or anatomical problem.

Feeling pressured to reach an orgasm

If you are feeling uncomfortable or you are tired or stressed about how much time has passed yet you still haven’t reached an orgasm, you are actually creating a cycle of no orgasms. Feeling pressured to give or have an orgasm will just result in not having one at all. Try not to think about reaching an orgasm and just enjoy the sensations.


A lot of women worry about STDs, unexpected pregnancy or whether their partner is faithful or not. These worries make it hard for women to have an orgasm.

Vasectomy Study More Sex Orgasms Erections

Not having enough lubrication

Almost 40% of women don’t produce enough lubrication to enjoy sex. Even if the body usually gets wet, emotions, hormones and the chemistry of condom can leave you dry. Adding lubricant can make you feel more comfortable and ready for an orgasm.

Do Girls Have Wet Dreams?

Can women have wet dreams? Yes. Female wet dream exists. A wet dream is often associated with adolescent boys who ejaculate during sleep. Adult men can also have wet dreams. Wet dreams for women are less wet but still strong. Sexual dreams may result in vaginal lubrication and wet orgasm or nocturnal orgasm. It can occur during adolescence and even throughout adulthood. So, do women have wet dreams? The answer is definitely a big yes.

What are Female Wet Orgasms?

Did you have a mind-blowing orgasm only to be left wondering if you just urinated all over your partner? Don’t worry. In fact, you may want to pat yourself or your partner on the back as you may have just achieved a wet orgasm or also known as gushing or squirting. There is a lot of porn showing women releasing a large number of juices during amazing orgasms, but female ejaculation rarely happens that many question its existence. Those who have witnessed or achieved a wet orgasm can confirm that it is amazing. The volume of cum may require several towels, but wet orgasms are definitely real.

Vasectomy Study More Sex Orgasms Erections

The “lady-juice” that women produce during a wet orgasm isn’t urine. The chemical composition of the fluid seen flowing down the legs of women and flying across the bed is similar to male ejaculate. This has created the theory that the female prostate or also known as Skene’s glands or paraurethral glands are the female equivalent of the male prostate gland and are accountable for wet orgasms. Women who experience a wet orgasm describe the feeling as warm and strong. According to them, the sensation is often accompanied by vaginal and clitoral contractions. Those who have witnessed one report a visible swelling of internal and external vaginal tissues as well as a warm and sometimes forceful and repeated gush of fluid that doesn’t look like urine.

Not all women, however, are able to have wet orgasms. Studies have shown that the female prostate isn’t always able to be found. The glands that produce female ejaculate are rarely tangible to touch and almost invisible without dissection, so the only way for a female to know whether she can have a wet orgasm is to achieve it.

Lack of sexual education and awareness also leads to a lot of women repressing themselves and experiencing embarrassment when it comes to achieving wet orgasms. Many are scared that their partner will be disgusted by the sight or will think that the gush of lady juices is urine. However, a lot of men actually find wet orgasms a turn on. It is a boost to their male ego.

Vasectomy Study More Sex Orgasms Erections

Bottom Line

Why can’t I orgasm? Don’t feel depressed if I cant orgasm. Some women just don’t orgasm and don’t find any problem with it. However, if you’re really worried about why can’t I have an orgasm, you just need to keep in mind that you can gain control over your orgasms. It’s like a skill. Orgasm is something that you need to learn, practice and determine how it works. If you are having difficulty climaxing, it is not that you won’t be able to orgasm or there’s something wrong with you. You just need to give yourself the chance to learn. When it comes to the point where orgasm has consumed your sex life or thoughts, you should seek help for reassurance. Talk to a sex therapist regarding this matter. You can also learn about reaching an orgasm by using some online learning tools that provide videos and demos on how you can climax.


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