If you have been facing a low volume of semen and sperm production, it can be time to search for a natural supplement that can help you activate your ejaculation. Is that a supplement? How does it work? Yes, actually, there is a herbal pill called VolumePill. The volume pill is possibly the best semen and sperm enhancing pill to reach the male enhancement pills market. As the name suggests, this herbal pill may help improve the amount of sperm and semen that your body produces for a more intense and powerful orgasm. But is it really that great? Is it safe for consumption? Keep reading to get more information.

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Is it Effective?

Volume Pill

Volume Pill is a pill that improves semen and sperm that is composed of proven herbal ingredients. It is a blend of the best herbs that have been proven to help your sexual functions. For example, ingredients such as Xian Mao, Ling Zhi, and Solidilin have been shown to help improve the production of semen and sperm, erectile strength, libido, etc. Unlike Viagra prescribed by doctors, you do not need a doctor’s approval to consume Volume Pills.

As mentioned above, the product is 100% natural and does not have any side effects.

Here is how you can benefit from the volume pill:

  • Substantial increase in the production of semen and sperm
  • Better erectile strength
  • Greater libido
  • Better sexual resistance

How Does the Volume Pill Compare with Viagra?

Volume Pill is an herbal pill that can increase the volume of your semen and sperm, strengthen your erections, etc. It is usually not an instant erection pill like Viagra. If what you want is harder erections, then Viagra can be a great option for you, if your health allows it. But if you are seeking overall sexual benefits such as harder erections, more libido, more production of semen and sperm, etc. Then the volume pill is a clear option for you. Also, it does not include all the dangerous side effects of Viagra.

volume pills

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What Happens If You Do Not Like the Results after Using the Volume Pill?

Volume Pill

Rest assured that Volume Pills only contains ingredients approved by the FDA. It is completely safe for your consumption. Still, that does not mean it will certainly work for you. No pill will work for 100% of users. There will always be persons whose body does not reply to herbs, for whatsoever reasons. In the doubtful event that you do not like the results you get, you can request a refund within 6 months after the purchase date. This is one of the best money back guarantees anyplace. In fact, there are almost no risks for you to try the Volume Pill.

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Volume Pills is undoubtedly one of the best male enhancement products in 2017. It has a respectable success rate close to 95% and it is a very decent rate. Considering that there is a friendly 6-month money back guarantee provided by the seller, this pill is definitely worth buying.


  • jaxon says:

    Have been using volume pills for around 3 months.Previous my discharge was watery and just trickled out.

    Presently discharge volume has expanded at least by 5x, it is thick and smooth and it shoots out a few feet.I am 70 years of age.

    This item influences me to feel like a porn star.

  • Brayden says:

    Me and my wife wanted a baby, and we were attempting our best. My friend gave me these pills after I informed him concerning my battles in bed. And good news, we are currently anticipating!

    There was this one time I shot my load 6 times. I never felt this great, and I think my wife is happy as well….

    To make this pill more viable, I suggest that you drink a lot of water and take healthy meal. Don’t take any alcohol . do not to smoke. Try to do more exercises. Give yourself enough rest. Don’t masturbate often.

  • Diego says:

    When I dump my cum, I saw how my girl friend responded… also, it was invaluable! I am pretty sure she got turned on and that she appreciated it. Additionally, the name of the pill is fittingly right. It resembles stacking your weapon, fondling the pressure building and afterward when you shoot, the load goes off all the way.

  • Antonio says:

    I have never written a review but for this supplement, I will. I have been taking Volume Pills for two months as of now, and all I need to state is it works. I’m 21 yet as far back as I ended up noticeably dynamic in sex, I never been a shooter – until today. The delight was just more grounded. I’m staying with this until further notice, and I will purchase more.

  • Marco says:

    I’m in my 40s. I have been using Volume Pills for 9 weeks already. I measure my load, and I think it was the same back to when I was in my 20s. I like the way that I’m generally horny these days, awakening with a stiff penis in the morning. It resembles turning back time by 20 years. I can hardly wait for what will transpire in the coming months.

  • Steffan says:

    I have been trying to get my wife pregnant. In any case, I am turning 50 this month, so I don’t know whether I am up to the test. My previous doctor says nothing isn’t right with my chromosomes and that I am having fertility issues. I at that point try Volume Pills attempt. Definitely, sex is better, yet I’m uncertain if my heap to be sure expanded or if this pill will help me with infertility.

  • Ethan says:

    My girl friend was impressed. She was surprised I am currently shooting loads of semen, and she was satisfied. I like this. It expanded my climax and sexual drive.

  • Devin says:

    Volume Pills, it’s great. I mean… each woman I meet is immediately turned on, and they generally get a kick out of the chance to give me an oral. I feel I’m a stud. I feel lots of energy surging through my body. Does it enhance my heap, as well as gives me better confidence.

  • Aaron says:

    I can share my own experience of utilizing Volume Pills. This product truly works. I haven’t seen 500% expansion in volume, however my ejaculations turned out to be extremely capable and I multiplied the measure of sperm that I can deliver. You feel the difference, on the grounds that your climaxes turn out to be more lovely and more.

  • Husain says:

    I know how important is a sperm check when you need to astound a girl you like. I was so confused when my sexual partner said to me she doesn’t like to have in sexual relations with me, on account of the low measure of sperm I discharge. It’s so disappointing, truly. Volume Pills is an equation I attempted in June 2017 out of the blue. It is so intense and gives a mind boggling impact. You can twofold the sperm sum in as meager as 1-2 months. It’s worth to attempt and inspire each young lady with your sexual power.

  • Conall says:

    A word of advice – do not take as directed. Cycle every couple of days to keep the effects from being diluted. I read stories all the time of guys saying that it was great at first then things went downhill. I’ve been cycling the two for couple years now and the effects are just the same today as when I first took them. Also, lots of water helps.

  • Felix says:

    When I unload my cum, I saw how my girlfriend reacted… and it was priceless! I am pretty sure she got turned on and that she enjoyed it. Also, the name of the pill is fittingly right. It’s like loading your gun, feeling the tension building up and then when you shoot, the load goes off all the way.

  • Fennel says:

    “I am just 45, yet I am starting to get problems with my erections. I don’t like to take Viagra or other meds. Then a friend suggested these pills.

    I tried the two-month package, and I was glad to see the pills working. Not only is my load bigger, but I gained good erection and ejaculation control.”

  • Finnian says:

    “I am just 45, yet I am starting to get problems with my erections. I don’t like to take Viagra or other meds. Then a friend suggested these pills.

    I tried the two-month package, and I was glad to see the pills working. Not only is my load bigger, but I gained good erection and ejaculation control.”

  • Griffith says:

    Well, i was a bit skeptical of trying any of these types of things but was happy i didn’t get screwed. So, within a dose or 2 i could tell (as could my girl) that my loads were definitely thicker and whiter. I would guess my sperm count has increased. I’m looking for massive loads, which i didn’t quite get. The description says something like 200 or 300% larger loads but this didn’t happen for me. I would say the loads are bigger but not that big. Some loads are bigger than others however. lol Orgasms do seem stronger though after about 2 weeks of daily dose. I have 3 days left with my month bottle and am gonna get another one. Wish i had noticed sooner.

  • Homer says:

    Increased my libido and volume. Was skeptical at first, but as soon as you take them you’ll feel something after 30 minutes or so. For best results take supplement with water and food. Highly recommended

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