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Water Penis Pump


A lot of different treatment options are available today for men who are experiencing some type of penile dysfunction. Water penis pump is the most suggested penile dysfunction today. It doesn’t matter if the condition is due to psychological or medical condition, the right treatment recommended might depend on many factors. Normally, doctors recommend treatments based on one’s personal condition and preferences. Furthermore, there is no cause of abnormalities that happen with the male sex organ. A number of treatments have a negative effect,t which results in other issues. For some men, specific lifestyle options are the major reason. Still, there are gentlemen out there who have a disorder or disease, which causes dysfunction. Some causes include erectile dysfunction or ED, which is the most popular one and others like micropenis (learn what is a micropenis) and Peyronies disease that might need diverse treatment options.

Water Penis Pump Revolutionary Way of Treating Penile Dysfunction

Penis Pumps Are Utilized to Treat Various Conditions

There are many conditions that penis pumps are recommended for. In fact, specialists have been recommending them for many years now. Here are conditions where penis pumps were used.

Erectile Dysfunction

Also known as impotence, ED happens when you cannot obtain or sustain an erection during sex. The reason why ED happens might differ, however this is usually due to the outcome of:

  • Drug side effects
  • Surgical complications
  • Psychological issues
  • Lifestyle
  • Other illnesses

Treatment of this disorder can occur at any age. Usually it depends on his overall wellbeing.

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Peyronies Disease

This disorder is known as a hard lump or plaque that develops on men sexual organ. Plaque forms on a broad membrane which covers erectile tissue on the top or bottom part of the penis. In due course, the plaque turns out to be a scar tissue.


This penis disorder happens when a young man is born with a sexual organ, that’s below the standard size range. Usually, the length of his penis is over 1 and ½ inch long and edge is approximately ½ inch. If your son has less than .75 inch penis, it is considered as a micropenis and needs to be cured.

Why Penis Pumps are Frequently Suggested for These Cases

Water Penis Pump Revolutionary Way of Treating Penile Dysfunction

A penis pump is one type of treatment for erectile dysfunction, Micropenis and Peyronies disease. Usually, a tube with motorized or manual pump is placed above the male sex organ to produce a suction or vacuum activity. The aim is to generate a suction in the penis in order to improve the flow of blood. When utilized properly and successfully for the exact condition, the outcome is engorged, larger and longer penis.

Penis pumps are recommended as ED, micropenis and peyronies disease treatment due to many reasons.

This type of male enhancement medication has proven to be very reliable in correcting the issues related to these cases. Report shows that men feel respite from discomfort or pain, while some are capable of having a longer erection for satisfying sexual intercourse. Another good reason why this treatment is recommended is the fact that they are not invasive. Inserting equipment into the tilt, getting injection or undertaking surgery is an invasive procedure which might further harm your sex organ. What is more, penis pump is reasonable opposed to other types of treatments available.

Traditional Air pumps vs Water Penis Pumps: Which is the best?

There are many types of penis pumps available. Each one has its own benefits offered. One of the most popular types of penis pumps that conquer the world of penile dysfunction treatment is the water penis pump. Read on to know more about this kind of penis pumps.

Traditional Air Pumps Overview

Traditional air pumps are extensively utilized for penis dysfunction cases. Popularly used to cure ED, traditional air pumps function to help obtain and sustain a longer erection. Air pumps are created with a round cylinder which is put over the penis. This kind of pump generates a vacuum which engorges the manhood with blood leading to hard erection. Typically, cylinder is eliminated after sex in order that erection could subside. Traditional air pumps function when blood flowed to your penis like it happens in an erection obtains without application of these pumps. Normally, the vacuum which creates the condition for the hard erection finds penis weak spot which works opposed to normal function. Constant pumping can help sustain a stiff erection that truly lasts. But, constant movement needed to pump could result in tissue damage. When you browse online, you will see many traditional air pumps available for application. Prices of every pump differ based on features and manufacturers. The most popular traditional air pump is the one that comes with a simple bulb. Utilizing the hand to press this bulb gets rid of excess air from the penis pump. Bathmate hydro pump price can be obtained for as low as $19.95 while the most expensive models can be obtained from $50 up to $200.

Water Penis Pump Overview

Water Penis Pump Revolutionary Way of Treating Penile Dysfunction

The water penis pump is now becoming popular amongst ED sufferer. Water instead of air is applied as the main source to drive blood towards the manhood for hard erection. Usually, this kind of pump provides an easier process for getting and sustaining a hard erection opposed to the traditional air pump. Usually, water doesn’t compress your penis as what air pump does. Instead, water air pumps share out pressure equally. The way this penis pumps is by the application of timid water or warmth therapy. Timid water fills this pump prior to putting over your penis. Usually it is done while you are taking a warm bath. Penile tissue is cooled down to assist facilitate stretching of tissue. Timid water helps in soothing your penis and improves muscle development. The tube is pushed to drive out the warm water and let blood flow to your penis. Bathmate hydro pump and penomet hydro pump are two of the most popular brands of hydro water pumps today.


Water pumps have many benefits for conditions related to ED. The equal distribution in the entire male sex organ helps to put into a hard erection without generating a vacuum. What is more, not like traditional air pump, application of water penis pump might not cause damage to penis tissue since continuous pumping isn’t necessary. Bathmate hydro pump review will help you determine is this water pump is suitable for you or not.

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