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Wedding Night Sex Positions


After walking down the aisle, get ready for some action on your matrimonial bed. But are you ready for it? Getting married is not just a change of name for some women because some actually get married still a virgin and have no idea on how to do first night sex. Virgin or not, you can always make your first night as a couple memorable and extra special to celebrate your honeymoon.

Marriage Sex Tips

How can you make your wedding day sex more exciting? The thing with sex is you can make it as fun and intense as possible and you can even make it more exciting especially on your wedding day. When can you start?

  • The moment you get in your wedding car, you can already express your deep desire to consummate your marriage. Good for you if you are riding a limo and you can just pull the windows shut to have your own little and short privacy until you reach your home or hotel. BJ or cunnilingus or quickie on the road? Why not if you are both up for it. However, you can still let each other know of your desire even with an ordinary car by touching each other in places out of the driver’s view. If your wife runs her hand on your growing bulges, return the favor and stuck your hand under her dress and rub her sensitive spot.
  • Enjoy giving and taking pleasure from each time you have sex. Let your partner know what you want and ask her the same. If you feel like she is not as vocal as you are, test the waters and let her reaction be your guide. Let her be a cowgirl to her heart’s desire and both your satisfaction.
  • Discover the best sex positions together and have a blast. Make each other the best teacher when it comes to sexual positions. You can enjoy role play and re-enact some wedding night sex porn videos that will send you over your limit and her intense orgasm.
  • Surprise each other all the time. Boring should never be in your vocabulary. Be rough one moment and be gentle the next. What sex schedule? Have an amazing wedding night sex and wake her up in the morning for another round of great sex. if you ever wake up in the middle of the day or night of a warm breath engulfing “him”, just lay back and enjoy.
  • Experiment and see what works for both of you. If you think sex toys and backdoor sex is too much for your wedding night, try them one step at a time and see what will work for both of you even once in a while.

Wedding Night Sex Positions

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Virgin Jitters on first-night sex

What will you do if you found your spouse saying, “I don t want to have sex!on your wedding night? Understand that not all women are as ready or willing as the others especially when they are inexperienced in the area of sexual activities. Sure, you already know that your bride is still untouched before your wedding and have already talked about the possibilities of what might happen on your wedding night. Here are some of the things you can do if things are not going as it should on your honeymoon night.

  • Don’t panic. A first sexual act can overwhelm a woman enough and this might be increased due to the stress and excitement of the wedding itself.
  • Be patient and talk it out. Your patience is highly needed. Remember, this is just the first night of your many nights as a couple and you can try marriage consummation the next day as she might be ready by then when her nerves have calmed down.
  • Get yourselves to bed and settle for cuddling at the moment. If you really can’t talk her into at least giving it a try, let her calm down and both of you get some rest.
  • Ease her tension and make her comfortable. There are ways where you can make her comfortable and at the same time get her in the mood for drawing her a bath and lighting up those scented candles. You may also give her an erotic massage and use aromatherapy oils to calm her nerves.
  • Take it slow. When you feel like she’s easing up a little bit, let her know you want her and through actions and take it from there until you both enjoy your first wedding day sex.

Wedding Night Sex Positions

  • Warm her up. Make foreplay as long as possible to ensure her body is warming up with pleasure and excitement.
  • Don’t push it. Reserve your sexual positions expertise in bed for later. The missionary is the best position for virgins and you can just move from one position to the next when she is physically ready.

Amazing wedding night ideas

Leave the wedding planning to your wedding planner but you must think of wedding night ideas to create lasting memories on your wedding night. What are the things you can do to make it so?

  • Sensual massage and erotic sex are one of the best ways to a relaxing night as well as the most effective form of foreplay.
  • Make sure there’s ample supply of food for the night. If the hotel doesn’t offer complimentary fruit basket or wine, make sure to arrange delivery or room service. You don’t want to get up in the middle of the night started. In addition, you can always get creative with them.
  • Get that sexy sleepwear ready. No matter who leads the way, one should follow when the other starts to strip away the wedding clothes into one of that flimsy sexy sleepwear.
  • Let your imagination run wild and take you to pleasures you both never thought possible. Electrify your days or week-long honeymoon by pleasuring each other and trying different wedding night sex positions like. The butterfly, Spooning, Backdoor Planking, Reverse Cowgirl, and many more.

Wedding Night Sex Positions

The wedding night is the most coveted part of newly-weds and night wedding ideas are as endless as time. The most important factor in sex and marriage is both of you are enjoying, having fun, and willing to give and take all that you can give no matter what sexual positions you try or whatever struggles and triumphs you may face in your married life together.

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