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What Does an Orgasm Feel Like


If you are still single and curious about the feeling of orgasm, then it’s about time to know the truth about this amazing feeling. Orgasm is one of the best feelings you can feel. However, the feeling may depend from person to person. Many people especially those who are still virgin want to know what an orgasm feels like for both men and women.

Most women will experience orgasm, but it takes experimentation and practice. You can reach your orgasm in different ways, and one of the common ways is through vaginal intercourse. Vaginal intercourse is the usual process of having sex where the penis is inserted into the vagina. If you are going to ask people on their first orgasm, you will gain different reactions and answers from them. However, don’t be afraid to ask your friend about their orgasm for you will surely laugh with their answers. You have to take note that everything and every person has its own first time and having your first orgasm is one of the great feelings that you can feel like a human.

What Does an Orgasm Feel Like

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What is an Orgasm?

If you are going to ask what does a female orgasm feel like, then this article will explain to you things you wanted and needed to know. An orgasm is a sensuous feeling that you will experience at the certain point. Usually, this is a feeling of intense physical ecstatic which sometimes causes a loss of your awareness of all the things around you. This is a different feeling and usually, depending on some factors like physical and emotional. Orgasm can be achieved through sexual intercourse and masturbation.

With sexual intercourse, you can have the chance to show what you got and how long you will last. On the other hand, masturbation will give you the opportunity to pleasure yourself without compromising. Orgasm also depends on your level of excitement and the amount of the stimulation. Therefore, orgasm depends from person to person. Most orgasms are barely physical and the feeling of intimacy and affection for your partner can enhance the quality of your orgasm. Orgasm can also enhance your sexual experience and bring it to the next level. Most men and women describe orgasm as a pleasurable sensation that relaxes the body. This is what orgasm feels like.

What Does an Orgasm Feel Like

  • The Male Orgasm

Are you curious about what does male orgasm feel like? Here is the truth about the male orgasm.

You might not be aware that men can achieve orgasm even without ejaculation. The truth about male orgasm is that: male orgasm is shorter when compared to the female counterpart. Therefore, during sex, men have the ability to experience multiple orgasms. Male orgasm also depends from person to person; which means some can experience ejaculatory orgasms and some do not.

Here’s what some of the guys say about their orgasm feels like:

“Orgasm depends on the situation. It is an insane feeling from 5 to 10 seconds of the explosion. You will feel the shame after the feeling, and you will realize that Yeah! I had sex! Then followed by a nap.”

“It’s a very strange feeling that you will feel on your body for a brief second. You will feel helpless, yet you are still in control. You are mentally vacant, yet something inside of you is rushing to an exit point.”

“Orgasm will make you realize everything. Your mind will start thinking about some weird stuff and fantasies and once finish; everything will be back to reality again.”

So, what does it feel to orgasm and finally, this is what does a male orgasm feel to them. Although each of them has their own opinion about their orgasm, one thing remains the same, and that is orgasm as an awesome feeling.

  • The Female Orgasm

If you are looking for the best answer of what does the female orgasm feel like, bear in mind that the female orgasm is somehow different to that of a male. You always hear about having better sex performance and a better orgasm is the key to a better relationship. For women, the orgasm is a personal experience, and it depends from woman to woman. However, a lot of woman from around the world are finding it hard to reach their orgasm while some are not.

What Does an Orgasm Feel Like

To give you the general explanation of what does a vaginal orgasm feel like; here is the truth about this. Most of these orgasms vary from the three different categories. Female orgasms can be a feeling or feel like:

  • The release of a built-in pressure
  • The peak of the pleasure during every sex session
  • It is something that is a unique feeling and sensation

To most women, orgasms are like snowflakes. There are times that the orgasm is very powerful, but there are also times of weak orgasms. Orgasms vary from the total amount of energy and stimulation. Not all orgasms can be life-changing. Therefore, you can do better things just to improve your orgasm. As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect,” you have to equip yourself with experience to be able to and achieve your desired orgasm.

For women, orgasm is an intense tension of the body which is being followed by a release of energy into the different parts of the body. Orgasm has the ability to provide us with a sense of relief, and it doesn’t happen all the time. The chemicals being released during orgasms are what make you feel happy and relieved. Orgasm is a pleasure. You definitely feel better when you finally reached your orgasm, and a lot of things will happen to your body during orgasm like muscle contractions.

What Does an Orgasm Feel Like

Orgasm is like falling in love. There are times that you might not notice but you are already having an orgasm. Orgasms can be subtle, inaudible and explosive. Remember that your orgasm is different from other people’s orgasm. The truth is that orgasm is a different feeling and is regarded as one of the best sensations of all time. Moreover, this is what an orgasm feels like.

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