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What is a Micro Penis


Many would wonder what a micro penis is and even ask themselves “what does a micro penis look like?” Some would even want to see the images of a micro penis and a micro penis video. Be worried no more as this article will help look at this in detail. Well in the simplest form of definition, a micro penis is an extremely small penis. A micro penis disorder is normally discovered as early as after birth. Some of the many male individuals would mistake having a small penis to having a micro penis disease. It would therefore be important for those who don’t know the difference to view micro penis pictures. Viewing these micro penis photos would help to distinguish what the difference is between a micro penis and a small penis. Having a small dick does not necessarily mean that you have the disorder. Take a look at the graph below to determine an average penis size.

The micro penis syndrome in a more complex definition refers to a penis that is 2.8 inches in length or less.

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micro penis

Average Penis Size by Method & State

what is a micro penis

Having a micro penis would mean several difficulties and challenges. Some of the challenges that one would experience include difficulty in urinating, difficulty in having sexual intercourse, difficulty in wearing condoms before sex among others. Because of these challenges, there have been solutions and remedies to aid those who are going through this particular disorder. Such remedies and solutions include the introduction of micro penis condoms and other solutions that we will focus on in this article.

Micro penis condoms are extremely small condoms that are specifically suited for those who have the micro penis syndrome. These condoms are there to ensure that those who cannot use the normal size condoms can get to use the micro ones. They are readily available to those who would need to use them and can be bought in most stores.

Aside from all these physical challenges that come along with a micro penis, there is also the emotional challenge. People who are going through the micro penis disorder have low self-esteem in themselves and even go into series of depressions. This is because they feel that they cannot be able to perform activities like other men. In solving this disorder, it would be important to first look at the cause.

A micro penis syndrome may be caused due to a hormonal problem which results due to insufficient levels of testosterone.

Treatment Methods

what is a micro penis

There are various modes of clinical and natural treatment that can be used for the micro penis disorder. Going back in history, micro penis syndrome was treated through gender reassignment simply meaning that one would be required to raise the child as a female instead of male. This had several challenges as it was not as simple as it seemed to be. There was the issue of reproduction, hormones among a myriad of other factors. Modern research and technological advancements have led to new methods that are safer and seem more convenient.

Hormonal therapy is one example of a modern treatment that is being used to rectify a micro penis. This is achieved through testosterone replacement that would lead thereafter to the production of a normal size penis. Phalloplasty is yet another surgical method that can be used in the treatment of a micro penis. Research has proven this method to be long lasting and effective. There are some equipment that can be used for the treatment of a micro penis as well. Some of these equipment include bath mate hydro pump and size genetics penis extender. We will look at both of these equipment in detail below:

Bathmate Hydro Pump

what is a micro penis

As much as medical or clinical means are available for the treatment of micro penis disorder, there are also mechanical or physical ways to achieve the same goal. An example of this mechanical way is the bath mate hydro pump. Bathmate Hydromax x30 Pump is an exquisite male enhancement device that is dedicated to penile health and enlargement. It is well-known and actually is among the top leading brands when it comes to this function. Initially, these pumps were air based and thus used air to aid in enlarging the penis. Today, new technology has led to the use of water as an alternative for the same purpose.

what is a micro penis

Choose Your Size

Water based pumps have an increased suction power that is sure to deliver better results in the penile enlargement. It has also been proven to help in erection difficulties and challenges thus you can kill two birds with just one stone. It is important to appreciate the importance of water as using just any pump would cause some defects to the penis. Such defects may include expansion of the penis at uneven rates, bulging of the penis and even bending. Use of water delivers an even expansion of the penis thus reducing the chances of any possible defects on the penis. Again water offers a more solid cushion that surrounds the penis thus ensuring that the penis is strong and lengthier.

Want to know how to increase your penis size with pumps? Check out our posts:

The basic functioning of the bath mate hydro pump involves the use of water to pull the blood to the penis thus helping to deliver a stronger and longer erection. Therefore, as a patient of the micro penis syndrome or if you simply want to have a longer penis, it would be advisable to use this pump in order to see favourable results.

SizeGenetics Penis Extender

what is a micro penis

If you have seen pictures of a micro penis, then you would know how difficult it would be to have an erect micro penis. However, one should not lose hope as there are remedies for the same. The Sizegenetics penis extender is yet another mechanical penis extender that is sure to work effectively and is considered to be one of the best penis extenders. It has been tested clinically and proven to work well in enhancing the penile size and strength. It has been in use for several years now and has gotten approval from a lot of users too.

Its mode of mechanism is almost similar to that of the hydro pump as it works by increasing the supply of blood to the penis. This increase leads to a corresponding increase in the level of erection and the size of the penis.




  • Luce says:

    We are all adults here.And, this is where we can discuss about our issues, from drug dependency, deformation, depression,benefactors. Hence, I was conceived with a smaller scale penis. This has been the essential issue of my life. It gauges precisely 1 inch erect. As should be obvious it’s tiny. I went to specialist to specialist endeavoring to discover an answer, yet shockingly all I get is “this is a changeless issue” and “attempt to live minus all potential limitations”

    I think this has influenced me in dating as well, one time I was with this young lady everything went all cool, until the point when we got stripped and she actually said” wow that resembles a vagina” I wasn’t the same from that day on.

    For another situation I thought I met my “perfect partner” she told that looks, and the physical are just the auxiliary to most ladies, including her.So when we got bare, she saw my cockerel and began laughing hysterically.

  • Rilay says:

    Micro penis is an unusually small penis. A common criterion is a dorsal (measured on top) erect penile length of at least inches 2.5 or smaller. This condition is caused by reduced prenatal androgen.

  • Hayden says:

    I was born with a very small penis and a glans hypospadia. During my childhood, I did not face other problem than to be unable to urinate by standing up, but I wasn’t really aware of my difference with other boys. I started to become aware of having a small sex by the age of 7 or 8 years, when I played with younger boys who had all much more developed penises than mine. When i turned around 25 years my penis size is 2.7. Then I was worried about my sexual life. Then I consulted with my doctor he advice me to use Penis Extender and give me some pills precaution also. So I start searching for best penis extender and I read this blog & found SizeGenetics Penis Extender and ordered SizeGenetics Penis Extender. I am using this extender in 3-4 hours in a day from last 4 months. Now my penis is thicky long and hard and gain 6-7inch now. I am happy and relax about my upcoming sexual life

  • Connor says:

    I am 56 and always had a real small penis . I was taken to a specialist at 12 years of age yet when I was 14 my parents devoiced and I was kind of overlooked, I just want to know is it small or there is a term micro scale penis is it that?

    • Fraser says:

      The common “size” of a penis, to be known as a “micro penis,” is around 2.5″ (the normal penis measure is accounted for to be in the between 5 and 6 inches, erect). It is imperative to quantify accurately. In the event that there is a fat cushion, this should be pushed down quite far before measuring. There are cosmetic procedures like Bathmate Hydro Pump, SizeGenetics Penis Extender, and lots of products available in market, that may help increase the girth of a penis, yet nothing will dependably expand the erect length. If you don’t mind know about this. Regardless of what you read, hear, “see”, there is no protected technique to increment penile length.

    • Robert says:

      Well Connor. There is a range of typical penile lengths. A penis may seem littler on the grounds that a man may have a penile web or concealed penis, which is otherwise called covered penis. These conditions are commonly the aftereffect of anatomic issues that keep the penis from completely being seen. The outpatient surgical procedure that I use to address these issues are ones that I created and have displayed my methods and results at national and global gatherings. These sorts of penile upgrade surgeries can give expanded noticeable length without the related entanglements of penile protracting operations.

  • jaxon says:

    I have been contemplating penis enlargement for a long time. Always wanted a real big one. Would love to get to 8×6.75 inches. Anybody had this operation? Worth it? What surgeon? I have doubts i have enough fat to do the fat transfer. then I start looking for penis extender products online & After reading the treatment method of SizeGenetics Penis Extender It looks like a good option. Although i have read some good reviews also and I was decided to use. Now I am using this product from last 2 weeks, lets see the results after month..

  • Caleb says:

    I suffered from a debilitating STD. It was effectively treated yet with time my penis and balls started to shrink. At this moment, they have turned out to be so little, as modest as a baby’s. What would it be able to be? What would it be advisable for me to do to reestablish the sizes of these organs? Is there anybody empathetic out there to help?

  • Cleve says:

    Just in my personal experience, with over a hundred men I discovered two that had a micro penis. That may be higher than the normal since I was viewed as an accomplished, tolerant and kind accomplice. I’ve surely met numerous men who thought their penis was little when they were effortlessly in the normal scope of in the vicinity of 5 and 7 inches

  • Alwaro says:

    If you are truly sure you have a micro penis rather than one that you simply feel is littler than normal, at that point have a visit to your specialist. On the off chance that your penis is still little, you could likewise talk to them or realize totally new possibilities with regards to sexual positions and so on.

  • Arran says:

    First off, my penis is average size, a little over 5 inches with normal girth. I was messing around with this 17 year old chick, a virgin who’s only given head to one other dude. We were both a little drunk down to just underwear and she told me she knew that the average dick was 6″ and asked me how big my dick was. I was honest and she laughed in my face. I guess her other guy had a monster cock. She still ended up giving me head and said my dick wasn’t that small(gee thanks). She still wants to hang out, but it’s ****ing with my head.

  • Ogden says:

    Where you from op? 5 is average in USA. Most of the time the girl doesnt even know how big it really is. G spot is only like 3 inchs in so it doesnt matter, sometimes bigger is not better.

  • Humphrey says:

    Where you from op ? 5 is average in U.S.A . Most of the time the girl doesn’t even know how big it really is . G spot is only like 3 inches in . So it doesn’t matter , sometimes bigger is not better .

  • Florian says:

    Well, lets all agree on that everyone is different, and most of all, we all do our stuff differently. Im buying the Bathmate to add it to my manual routine, not as stand alone workout. Same happened when I researched about using creatine. Many said “big improvement” many said “useless”, but at the end, the wisest advice I read was.. Try stuff out and see what works for YOU.

  • Shango says:

    “I got the Bathmate x30 12 months ago, and I really like it. I didn’t know that the newer version xx30 was coming out. I would have waited since I assume it will be an improved design. With that being said, the x30 isn’t a bad design at all. The short few months I’ve had it, I did not experience anything unexpected. There is a learning curve on how to use it quickly and comfortably.

    The comfort pad works very well in the bath, but it doesn’t provide enough suction in the shower for the pump to hang without a strap. Removing the comfort pad makes it possible for the x30 to hang from just its suction under the water stream of the shower.”

  • Taye says:

    “I am using Bathmate for a week. Today I used Bathmate for 16 min, and my penis looked great (much longer and thicker when flaccid) but it only lasted for 20 min, and then went back to normal. It is very important for me to get girth.

    I guess it’s normal because my penis isn’t used to the expansion, so the more regularly I use it, the sooner my results will stay for a longer period of time after use.”

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