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What is the Average Penis length


A lot of men are interested on how to increase penis length. There are lots of services, products and other items available on the market to select from. But, you have to make sure to take time to review each product or service to find the best one that really works for you.

What is the Average Penis Length?

In the average penis length 2017 study, expert used data from seventeen studies, with the study participants totaled over 15,000 men. The study charted sizes and put them into percentiles.

Like for instance, an erect penis of 6.3 inches put in the 95th percentile. It only shows that there are only 5 out of 100 men that have a 6.3-inch penis or longer. Also, a 3.94-inch penis placed in the 5th percentile, that means only 5 men out of 100 have a 3.94 penis or shorter.

Does Size Matters?

Normal penis size favored by many women in the research was 6.4 inches long and five inches in circumference; this is for one-time meet only. For a lasting relationship, the normal size chosen by many women is 6.3 inches long with the 4.8-inch circumference. These options were just a bit bigger than the normal.

How to Increase Penis Length Fast

Measure Penis Length First The First Step to Penis Enlargement

To successfully enlarge your penis, it needs you to do some preparations first. It is extremely essential to know how to measure penis length before starting any penis enlargement program. Measuring the length of your penis gives you the chance to know whether you are gaining if you are gaining at all and what things you have to change. To increase penis length successfully, you should know where you are at as well as where you want to go.

First and foremost, it is essential to take measurements of your penis time after time, but not too often. How often you measure naturally depends on you, but when you measure daily you’ll not see remarkable developments, and it can slow down your motivation.

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What Do You Need to Measure?

The two most essential measurements are: “erect length” and “erect girth.” If you want to have a bigger flaccid penis, you can measure flaccid girth and flaccid length. For the measurement of your penis, you’ll need straight edge rules, a soft vinyl measurement tape or a piece of string.

Also to successfully increase your penis length, it is advisable to use penis calculator. A penis calculator is an online tool that helps you measure or calculates what percentage of size your manhood will increase. Like for example, if you want to see a 25 percent increases in length, it tells you the exact amount of inches you need to add to your current size in order to obtain the percentage increase. You can also see what percentage increase you will get if you add one inch to your penis.

Penis Pumps and Penis Extenders: Best Methods to Increase Penis Length

Amongst the many products which are on the market today for male enhancement that has been very effective for many individuals when it comes to penis length increase are penis pumps and penis extenders. Read to know more about these methods:

Penis Pump Overview

Penis pumps or commonly known as a vacuum pump, are an extensively used device for impotence treatment. A lot of men also use this device for masturbation or to increase the penis girth and length as well. Even if there is a remarkable range of penis pumps available on the market these days, most typically consist of an acrylic cylinder with a pump which might be attached straight to the end of the penis. The cylinder is connected to a manual, motorized or battery operated pump in order to create suction. As the pump generates a vacuum around the penis, blood is pushed into the penis; this helps it to become inflamed or puffy causing an erection.

Too much pressure must not be used at this stage because it might cause harm to the penile tissues. Penis erection is sustained through slipping a penis ring on to the bottom of the erect penis prior to release the vacuum. What cock ring does is that it restricts the flow of blood in order that erection is sustained long enough to complete sexual activity.

How to Increase Penis Length Fast

Advantages of Penis Pumps

There are many good reasons why penis pumps are very popular male enhancement product such as:

  • Penis pumps provide immediate, short-term penis enlargement results. This is due to the increased flow of blood into your penis, from the vacuum.
  • This device also provides a very hard penis erection right away after pumping. This is because of the forced flow of blood into your penis.
  • This device also allows for temporary, bigger flaccid hang after a pump erection drops, because of the amplified amount of blood in your penis.
  • When it utilized along with a cock ring, this device is a medically approved method for ED or erectile dysfunction, which allows men are suffering from ED to experience penetrative sexual intercourse without using any drugs.
  • A lot of men love the feeling of pumping
  • With continued, constant use of penis pumps, lasting results can be obtained.
  • The fact that vacuum enlarges the penis tissue outward, in the shaft of your penis; this device is perfect for the enlargement of penis girth.

Disadvantages of Penis Pumps

Despite of the many benefits this method offers, it also comes with some minor drawbacks such as:

  • It requires a dedicated pumping routine. But, some penis pumps available can be utilized in the shower, during normal bathing routine.
  • The application of this device usually needs privacy and can only be performed at home.

Penis Extenders Overview

Aside from penis pumps, another product or method used today to increase penis length and size is penis extenders. A penis extender is a concurrently easy yet complex device. It so easy to use, and yet incorporates a design which has never been utilized before outside of physical therapy.

This works by means of enlarging the corpora cavernosa, which is a number of chambers that hold blood inside the penis. Hence, increase the flow of blood to the penis; making is bigger in length and girth as well.

Advantages of Penis Extenders

Like many other male enhancement products available out there, penis extenders also comes with pros and cons.

  • Penis extenders are scientifically way of improving penis length. This is also used when you have penis enlargement surgery to make sure you make the most of the length.
  • When the extender put on, you can perform other things like watching TV, finish important matters, surf the net and many others.
  • Some penis extenders available are so discreet; in fact, they can be used under normal, daily clothing. They can be worn at the office or while exercising.
  • Due to the direction stretching pressure, a penis extender is perfectly made to increase penis length.
  • Because it can be used for longer hours, a lot of men see instant result compared to performing manual stretching exercises.
  • State of the art designs like SizeGenetics is very comfortable to use.

Disadvantages of Penis Extenders

  • In spite of the many benefits the penis extenders offer, they also have minor drawbacks such as:
  • Some cheaper and rigid penis extenders are uncomfortable to use

Best Methods to Increase Penis Length

Two of the most reliable methods to increase penis length are SizeGenetics and Bathmate Hydromax penis pumps. It is essential to know each product to determine which one will work and suit you best.

SizeGenetics Penis Extenders

SizeGenetics is among the safe and very effective penis extenders amidst other similar products available today. Its benefits include powerful erections by means of amplified blood flow and growth of the penis more than 3 inches in a few weeks of using it. This is clinically proven for safe use.

These Size Genetics penis extenders comprises of 2 sex enhancement CDs, a penis extender device and another CD of diverse exercises for penis enlargement. Also, it offers online access to Penis Health and Love centria. This is very reliable in increasing penis length and size. A lot of men that purchased this product have experienced a significant increase in the length and girth in their penis in just a couple of weeks of using.

This penis extender is offered with 180 days unconditional warranty. They offer utmost comfort if you use it on your penis. It allows improvement in length and girth of the penis by up to 28 percent. It helps to augment the size of the penis in the shortest possible time. However, you have to follow the instruction properly to get the best result.


Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pumps

Men all over the world want to increase the length of their penis for satisfying sexual intercourse. Some men who already possess an above-average penis size think they can still use this product for further improvement. In spite of the size of your penis, race, and age, using bathmate hydromax might give you the results you desire. There are many variations of Bathmate penis pumps available, but hydromax series features up to 30 percent increased pumping power, thus efficiently increase the size and length of the penis after weeks of using.

Bathmate hydromax is not just effective in increasing penile size, but also use to cure ED. It also provides better sexual satisfaction, and it is also safe to use as well. This is one of the few products available made with efficiency, safety as well as practicality in mind.

Bathmate hydromax

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