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What Makes Someone a Good Kisser


Proven Tips for How to be an Amazing Kisser

Just like in any other romantic movies, it will not be romantic without having sealed with a kiss. No one will ever imagine watching it without that seal of affection. There is something about it that makes that moment remarkable. It is like you also dream that you were that character doing that romantic thing. Well, why would fantasize when you can turn it into reality? And doing it for real, you should already be wise enough to know and learn how to be a good kisser.

Why Should I Kiss You?

Kissing is not just a romantic thing to do, but the act of doing so can be traced back to around 3,000 years ago. The earliest reference to it can be found in Sanskrit scriptures as well as love poetry of ancient Egypt found and written in papyri. A kiss is also a symbolic gesture of showing respect and devotion. It is also a way for expressing different sentiments from love and romance to peace and friendship. Who knows, your ancestors may be a better kisser than yours, so it is just fair that you know how to become a good kisser.

What Makes Someone a Good Kisser

Every man or woman knows how important it is to learn how to kiss well but why is it that you wanted to kiss that person? Some may just answer that question as because they like doing it and others. However, there is something in it that pushes you to do so. Science explains that through kissing, it is an act that will test if that person that you have kissed is biologically perfect to be your match. The kiss will transmit a kind of message to the brain that guides you whether to continue kissing or not.

The research about it also shows both sexes perception about kissing. Men see that kissing is a step towards sex. On the other hand, kisses matter a lot for women, and they are focused on the teeth and hygiene. So, men out there, you need to be prepared all the time because who knows if this is the perfect time for that kiss? So, better learn how to be an amazing kisser.

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Kissing is for the Healthier You

Before going into the good kissing tips, have you ever wondered if just like vitamins and exercise, is kissing healthy for you? Well, yes it is. It just not feels good, but it is good for your health as well. Don’t worry if because of kissing it gives your heart that crazy beat as if it is in the race. You’re okay, and it also results in LDL cholesterol reduction in your heart. See? Here are the top reasons why you should need to do it.

What Makes Someone a Good Kisser

  • It Burns Calories – Yes, you read it right, but kissing is not going to exchange places with your workout session. A passionate kiss will help you burn down 8 to 16 calories. So enjoy every minute of that sweet pleasure.
  • Get ready to be Happy – kissing activates the brain to release the feel-good chemicals, most especially the oxytocin, the hormone of love. Aside from giving you happiness, it also helps in strengthening your relationship.
  • Good Bye Cavities – another great reason why you really should know how to be a great kisser. Kissing increases the production of saliva in one’s mouth which aids in washing away the plaque. Through this, it will help fight the cavity build-up on your teeth. So, now we know why women are really into hygiene in connection with kissing.
  • The Pain Reliever – kissing helps to widen your blood vessels and its effect will relieve pain specifically from menstrual cramps and headache.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure – because it dilates or widens your blood vessels, it aids in reducing blood pressure.
  • Yes to Self-Esteem – one study reveals that a man who receives a passionate kiss before going to work are more productive in their work, thus, earns more money than those. Before leaving home, make sure you have your daily dose of that passionate kiss. But make sure also that there is someone that will it to you. If you don’t have someone, well, that hurts.. (ouch!)
  • Look Younger – a vigorous amount of kiss helps shape your jawline and neck. Thus, it is another effective way to help tone your facial muscles.

With the health benefits listed above, does it give you the urge to grab and kiss your partner, right now? Before you even start kissing and reap the benefits, would it be perfect if you master the art of kissing? If you are still learning on how to kiss really good, don’t worry, you are not lost. The path that you are taking now leads you to the effective tips of kissing.

What Makes a Good Kisser

Enough said with the history and the health benefits; it is high time for you to know what makes a good kisser. Well, some say that kissing should be soft and passionate, not that too fast nor too slow and just enjoying the romantic moment. It is similar to eating ice cream.

What Makes Someone a Good Kisser

It would not be nice if it were mashed all over your face before you were able to taste it. You would want to take your time to enjoy the texture and the taste. That is just a few pointers to start with. For the best kissing tips, read more of them below.

How to Become a Better Kisser

How to be the best kisser? Well, better learn these tips below and master the art of kissing:

What Makes Someone a Good Kisser

  • Get Closer – How would you know if a person wants to kiss you? Simple, he or she gets up close, like entering your personal space. It is necessary to show your intentions, may it be romantic or not. If you have successfully entered the “personal space” of this person, it means that there is already a high level of expectation, trust or feeling towards you. And that is a good start.
  • The Likes and Dislikes – personal preference has a great part in kissing. You need to get to know more about his or her likes or dislikes. You will see that as the relationship goes deep and progresses, you will get to become an amazing kisser.
  • Kiss and Listen – what makes someone a good kisser? He is also a good listener. Make sure you listen especially the way he or she kisses. Match with his or her rhythm by replying to his action. If it is your first time, don’t worry, you can just reply it with a similar action. Like if she is doing something like a tongue action, if you don’t know how to do it, reply with a similar one.
  • The Neck is the Best Spot – aside from the mouth, women’s favorite spot that men should kiss is the neck. So men out there, take note, women love neck kisses. Make sure that you would not forget it or else, well, you will become a bad kisser.
  • Unleash the Creativity in You – if you are a creative person, then you should also show your creativity through kissing. Don’t be repetitive or be robot-like when kissing, try doing some variations. Be creative. Aside from the neck, you can also try kissing other parts of the face such as the ears. You might want to try doing the “liposuction” kissing. It is done by moving from the lower lip to the upper or vice versa.
  • Be Soft and Gentle – how to be a better kisser? Do it soft and gentle. Well, it depends if both of you wanted it hard or the rough one. But to enjoy the moment, make sure to go soft and gentle. Don’t rush, like you are already jamming your tongue down the throat. Remember, you are kissing this person, not implanting something scary down towards the stomach.
  • Don’t Forget to Breathe – it is never enjoyable when you feel like you can’t breathe. Make sure you are all ears to your partner’s breathing. Allow him or her to breathe and enjoy.
  • Smell and Look Good – who would want to kiss someone that has an awful smell and bad breath? Don’t kill the moment even before it begins because of it. Women pay attention to hygiene and especially the teeth. It is their way of knowing more their partner. Men are more interested in a woman’ physical attributes. But don’t you think that attractiveness is useless especially if that person stinks? So, men should also pay attention to your smell as this is one of the pointers on how to be a good kisser for guys.
  • The Perfect Time – perfect timing is still the key. Make sure that you have picked the right time and the place. Plus, a touch of excitement and dim lights calls for the perfect time to kiss.

Learning the art of kissing may take time but if it will guarantee you to become an expert, why not? Kissing is not a sport where it should score from the scale of 1 to 10. You may have learned a lot of techniques, but it is not merely all ABOUT that. The secret on how to kiss well is to know more about that person if he or she wanted to be kissed or not. Doing so will highly make you a great kisser. Mwah!

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