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Why Do Orgasms Feel So Good


Questions like “What is an orgasm?” and “Why orgasms feel good?” are commonly asked by a lot of women of today’s generation. Orgasm is what makes sex feel so good. An orgasm or popularly known as a sexual climax is the end of the plateau stage in the body’s response to sexual stimulus and perhaps experienced by men and women alike. This is characterized by intense and powerful body pleasure controlled by automatic or involuntary nervous system. The orgasm most often than not results in involuntary actions like muscular spasms in various body parts, a deep euphoric feeling and as all women know might need to result in the need to scream or shout out.

Orgasm Definitions

There is a heated argument as to what kinds of sexual feeling can precisely be called an orgasm, which includes like for instance of the orgasm due to the stimulation of G-Spot alone as well as the extended manifestation or constant orgasms that last many minutes and even hour. The main argument point is the medical description of the orgasm.

Why Do Orgasms Feel So Good

Why Does Sex Feels Good: Know What Occurs During Orgasms

Your heart will beat faster, and your breathing gets heavier and quicker as you reach the sexual climax. In women, a deep and intense pleasant discharge of sexual pressure is going along with contractions of genital muscles. A female might be capable of experiencing not only one orgasm soon after the first when she keeps on stimulating. Some women might ejaculate: a lucid fluid burst from glands near to the urethra during deep sexual thrill or sexual climax. These glands are also known as the Skene’s glands.

For guys, contractions of muscle cause semen that contains sperm to burst out or ejaculate. After this, he can’t have another ejaculation for a moment. The recovery period wherein the testicles and penis shrink back to the normal condition could last from a couple of minutes to one hour or more.

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Why Does an Orgasm Feel Good? : Answered Revealed

It’s the question which has intrigued and baffled people for many years now: what makes orgasm feels good? That’s the core of new research which breaks down what takes place in your body if you hit the height of stimulation. In spite of centuries of study, scientists remain ignorant of the underlying mechanisms of orgasm or a sexual climax.

In research posted in the magazine Socioaffective Neuroscience and Psychology’s particular issue: Orgasm, Neurophysiological, Psychological and Evolutionary Perspectives, Safron Adam, a neuroscientist, went through many years of researches and past study on the connection between brain functions and sexual activity. Adam came up with a subject for demonstrating how recurring sexual activity might influence the rhythms of the brain.

Why Do Orgasms Feel So Good

Meaning, once you arouse something long enough, time and again with the appropriate level of strength, the synchronicity could spread all through the brain in an impact termed neural entrainment. If that takes place, you can lose concentration, and the sense of awareness and consciousness of an individual could be conquered through the feelings of course, by sex. That is what triggers sexual climax or orgasm.

The concept that experiences in sex could be like trance conditions is in some way ancient. Modern understanding of neuroscience backed up this concept. In hypothesis, this can alter a person’s view regarding their sexuality. Sexual intercourse is an excellent source of amazing feeling and sensations as well as an emotional link, but beyond that, it is a modified state of realization.

Why Do Orgasms Feel So Good

The main reason why orgasm feels good is that you are letting your body to just concentrate on the feeling caused by it. Therefore, if you ever thought why sexual intercourse sucks if you are over thinking things or you are stressed, it has lots to do with it. When you are not at a specific level of consciousness, your mind makes it relatively hard to come. That is perhaps why many sex experts and therapists put importance on leisure and getting in the appropriate mindset during sexual intercourse. If you are thinking lots of things during intercourse, it will be hard for you to reach a sexual climax.

In a study, Adam also discovered certain parallels between music, dance, seizures, and orgasms. Due to this, Adam believes his research can help improve sexual function in individuals through allowing them to concentrate on rhythmic facets of sexuality. A study conducted in 2015 by OMGYES discovered that 80% of female utilizes a rhythm method to orgasm. It only means that they go over similar motion time and again until they reach the sexual climax. Therefore, it is good to shake it up often, and by adding a new sensation, you can expect that feel-good sensation.

Why Do Orgasms Feel So Good

While Adam’s recent study provides people an interesting form into how sexual climax or orgasms are set off by the brain, Sexual Biotech Company, Liberos LLC Nicole Prause, Ph.D. tells Bustle, that in point of fact nobody has confined the brain at sexual climax. Only two laboratories have tried. One decided he couldn’t reliably witness the signal while the others have been extensively condemned as publishing movement. So, as a whole, it’s still unknown. It might still take time for experts to work out what occurs to your brain when you reach the sexual climax, but here is what you should know thus far:

  • Orgasms result in less amount of oxygen in your brain: Right away after reaching the peak, there’s oxygenation in your brain and right after that a boost in dopamine receptors activity which helps you learn. Dopamine isn’t for happiness, as it’s frequently misprinted.
  • Orgasms can increase the production than of Oxytocin in the brain.
  • Orgasm light parts of your brain up, it depends on which part of the body you are touched.

In conclusion

Orgasm happens after the finale of sexual intercourse; however, t can come from masturbation and other kinds of stimulation which include anal stimulation. However, it is defined by the automatic or involuntary muscular reactions which happen as an outcome of such actions.

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