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Why is My Dick Small


Small dick problems may not be discussed so openly in public but it is a common problem among millions of men all over the world. A lot of men in fact ask the question, why is my dick so small? And in reality, it’s not men who do the questioning; a lot of women also wonder why my boyfriend has a small dick. While having a small dick boyfriend is not an issue for many, not all girl loves small dicks. But the real question is what is considered a small dick.

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Let’s try to set the parameters on what is a small dick so we can determine how small is a small dick or what is a super small dick for that matter.

What Size is a Small Dick

Why is My Dick Small

Really small dick is not so uncommon. A lot of men have this issue but most of the time, are just too ashamed or embarrassed to admit it. So what does a small dick look like? The length of the penis is termed SPL – stretched penis length. As per experts, the longer a man’s SPL, the longer the erect penis length is. In order to understand and learn your SPL, you have to measure the penis while it is flaccid. Just press a ruler tight against your pubic bone at the base of the penis.

why is my dick small

Remember, do not just measure from where the penis separates from your scrotum, instead, gently stretch your penis as far as it can go. Then measure the pubic bone to the tip of your stretched penis. If you’ve gotten a measurement of at least 5 ¼ inches, this means that your penis length is average. Small dick size is considered to be those below the number given above. Before you say by dick too small, it is best to look at the bright side. There are small dick lover and if you have a partner then it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Based on most recent researches, small dick erect is not a hindrance to having great sex. It depends on the performance. For some, they are proud to say I have a small dick but I’m still a girl magnet. Why? It is because they know how to satisfy their women.

Small Penis Syndrome and Micropenis

Whenever the word micro penis is mentioned, a lot of people wonder why it is called as such. The truth is, there is really medical term micro penis (learn more: what is a micropenis?). This is how they call 0.6 percent of men with the smallest penises. As per Palmer’s statistics, an SPL of about 3 2/3 of an inch below is considered to be a micro penis. For other men, they prefer to undergo surgeries to correct this problem but doctors themselves do not recommend the procedure since the surgery is still considered to be controversial and it is also quite risky. When it comes to micro penis, this is often found out and determined during childhood. This syndrome is often caused by hormonal abnormalities as well as genetics.

However, these cases are not totally hopeless. If discovered during childhood and treated with testosterone, the growth may actually be stimulated. This is an unproven research so it is not recommended yet. All in all, men with micro penis are just 0.6 percent of the male population. There are many cures to small penis syndrome but some of the safest are the use of penis pump and penis extender. There are a lot of those in the market however, not all have the same effect and safety. But here are the most reliable and effective one’s based on customers.

Read the following posts to learn how to increase your penis size:

Bathmate Hydro Pump Penis Pump

Why is My Dick Small

One of the most popular tools invented was the Bathmate Hydro Water Penis Pump which took the world by storm in 2006. To date, it was able to sold millions of pumps in over 70 countries. This was the first product of its kind. Today, there are many variations, designs and sizes but it is being manufactured by the same company. This became a leading name in the treatment of penile problems and is still the most recommended treatments. Here are some other reasons why you should consider this hydro pump.

why is my penis small

  • It is actually being sold to over 90 countries these days so you can have it wherever you are.
  • They also offer a secure payment system so you are rest assured that all transactions are legit and all your personal information are kept well.
  • Furthermore, they also offer discreet packaging so you won’t be ashamed or embarrassed having it delivered to your house.
  • Based on customer reviews and expert opinion, the hydro pump series from Bathmate is truly the best in quality. Results are seen visibly after 3 weeks of use but it may vary depending on how often you use it.

Size Genetics Penis Extender

Why is My Dick Small

Size Genetics is the most popular penis extenders. Size Genetics was actually the pioneer for penis extenders and the only company so far who produces a product such as extenders. While surgical procedures are totally fine, it is not recommended by doctors since it presents a lot of risks. The Size Genetics Penis Extender offers a lot of unique features. This offers ultimate comfort when you’re using and it has been proven to be really effective both by users and experts. The use of this will not give you an immediate result but it will definitely be worth it as the result will be permanent. Also, this is often used in the treatment of micropenis or small penis syndrome. It works not just by extending the length of your penis but it also corrects or straightens the penis. Yes, you read that right. There are some who have curved penis and it causes them not just discomfort but pain too during intercourse. Therefore, it is necessary to try and correct it while it is still manageable. When it comes to extenders, they also have different sizes but you can always change it in the future.


  • Pliesy says:

    ” I’m just curious, what size are you talking here?
    …because your ex-girlfriends called it normal sized, I was thinking you are another one of those guys with 5 or 6 inches and call it small, which it’s not, unless it is very thin.
    So you think your ex girlfriends just said that to pacify you?”

  • Lozan says:

    yes, ‘cute girls’ have the ability to sense the size of your penis. there have been many peer reviewed journals on this topic, however i can never remember links to them. i think some work was done by Veronica Moser on the issue. btw, she is pretty cute for a scientist!

  • Coltrane says:

    I am 25years old guy, worried about shrinkage of my penis and erection.. my height is 5 feet 10 inches and my weight is 74kgs.. most of the time my penis is in shrinked form about 3inches so i have to adjust it to make it normal but during erection it is about 6 inches. I dont use any thight brief (i use boxers) and no tight fit pants. i am so confused why the shrinkage happens and how to overcome it. Also i feel embrassed when anyone stands near me when i use toilet because of this shrinkage.. and i have doubt whether erection has be 90 degree?

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