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Why Women Moan During Sex


There are videos of girls having sex with guys. Why do girls moan? A girl moans for various reasons. One of these is that it’s their automatic response to pleasure. Some women moan in pain. It’s also possible that she’s making orgasm noises. Here are other reasons why she moans.

Why Do Women Moan?

  • Increase her libido

A moaning girl may create those noises to increase her libido. Moaning can help her get her head back in the game. It takes her mind off chores and puts it back into the activity she’s doing with her partner.

  • Make her partner feel good

She might be making a sex moan to make her partner feel good. It is a way of reassuring her lover that he’s pleasing her. Men love the little and loud moans that their partner makes.

Why Women Moan During Sex

  • Turn him on

Why women moan during sex? Sex moaning is sometimes done to turn him on. When women moan softly in pleasure as their partner kisses them, it gives the guy the extra nudge he needs to get into the moment.

  • Make their partner orgasm faster

Some men achieve orgasm faster when they hear the female sex sounds made by their partner. Sex is not always perfect. Sometimes, you can’t get there and just want him to finish. Some women fake orgasm when this happens. Male orgasm moaning can help men reach their peak faster.

  • Change a man’s sexual rhythm

If there is something you don’t enjoy, you can change your moan to an uncomfortable sound. This will give him the hint that he should change his style. Moaning helps you guide your partner without actually telling him what he should do. It is also a good way to slow down.

So, why do women moan during sex? Silence kills the mood. Moaning allows you to express your pleasure and make things more exciting.

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Why Do Girls Cry During Sex

You want to know how to make a girl scream in bed or what to think about during sex, but why do women cry during sex?

Why Women Moan During Sex

  • Overwhelmed

Women sometimes cry when they are overwhelmed. This can be a bad or good thing. She might feel overwhelmed due to pushing herself to her limits and she’s starting to feel nervous or unsafe. She might also feel overwhelmed by pleasure, joy or love.

  • Happy

A lot of women cry happy tears during sex. Perhaps you feel so much love for your partner in that moment or you feel safe enough with him or her. Explain to your partner that they are tears of joy.

  • Pain

You might experience pain during sex due to various reasons. If you are engaging in BDSM, you may feel pain from the whip or restraints. You might also feel pain from being contorted into uncomfortable positions. There are sexual pain conditions such as dyspareunia that cause women to feel pain in their vulva. If you feel physical pain during sex, you should stop and talk about it with your partner. For instance, you can tell him to go lighter on the whip or loosen the restraints. Go to an OB/GYN if the pain is related to any sexual pain condition.

  • Roleplaying

Tears might due to getting into character. If you’re playing a submissive character, you might be pleading with your partner not to do something or you might be begging him to do something. If the tears are part of the roleplaying game, you don’t need to worry about anything.

  • Fear

Power play can be really scary. You may be physically hurt or restrained. There is a difference between bad fear and good fear. The latter can be like the thrill of watching a horror movie or riding an extreme amusement park ride. Tears from bad fear may be a sign that you feel conflicted, afraid, jarred or confused. Talk about your boundaries with your partner.

Why Women Moan During Sex

  • Teasing

Sometimes, you might get so unsatisfied by the lack of release that you start to try. If your body is craving for attention before you actually start crying, deprival might be the culprit of your tears.

Triggers of Bad Experiences in the Past

Sex can sometimes trigger bad experience. Sexual assault has elements of the power play. Some people believe that power play can be therapeutic for survivors of sexual abuse, but their memories might get triggered because of this. If you are starting to feel out of control, have memories of the sexual abuse or your body is beginning to disconnect from your brain, you should stop what you are doing. Think about whether you are fine with these kinds of sexual activities or not. You can talk to a professional if you are not sure what is being triggered by the sexual act.

  • Shame

Power play can also bring up shame. For instance, being punished or called names can bring up feelings of embarrassment even though you are fine with playing the role of a submissive partner. Power play can be therapeutic sometimes as it helps you move through the embarrassment that resides within you. If you feel that it is too much, you should stop whatever you are doing and think about your boundaries.

  • Biology

The body releases oxytocin when you are having sex. This hormone can make your emotions feel more intense, which could result in tears. This is one of the reasons why some women feel an urge to cry after they reach the peak.

So, why do people cry during sex? There are many reasons for this. It is common to see people having sex male and female. You may also have several questions like what to do during sex, how to make a girl moan or how does sex feel for a guy. Regardless of the answers to these questions, communicating with your partner is very important. Make sure that you are both comfortable with the idea of sex and actually doing it, so you can avoid misunderstandings and any form of discomfort during the act.

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