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Women Love To Be Dominated In Bed


The world is changing, and hey, we can see a lot of progress even in partners’ relationship in bed. Let us take a look at the dominating side of the women and see the things that they truly love about it.

Dominating women are everywhere. Just like in the movies, you can see them in a sexy leather dress, net stockings, and high heels and with dangling in their hands. They are called dominatrix! Just because they wear those extra fancy things, it doesn’t mean you can wrap them up with vibrators and ask them to use it. That is a different thing. Instead, these dominant women will show you their strength and leave you bothered and hot in bed.

Submissive vs. Dominance: What is the Difference?

Before going to the reasons why women love to be dominated in bed, let us first know what does submissive mean. The same thing with what does dominant mean. When it comes to sex, maybe some of you are a bit confused about their differences.

Women Love To Be Dominated In Bed

Being submissive in bed means you are receiving or appreciating the expressions of your partners. Whatever he does to you, do give it back in return like kissing back, kissing back and enjoying the sexual intercourse. You are usually at the bottom and doing almost nothing – just relaxing while enjoying the sexual experience. You never make the decision! You are just relying on your dominating partner to decide for everything for both of you. You don’t suggest things, but you follow what is being suggested. Being submissive, you put all the trust in your dominating partner because you believe they have the power to make things right. Also, you are not hurting your dominating partner.

Many women have submission fantasies, and perhaps some of you have experienced encountering one in your life. From the classic romance to the classic erotica to fan fiction, a submission theme is immensely prominent in the cross-cultural female erotica. The fun fact behind this issue is that most heterosexual women were wired in finding an arousing sexual submission – the same also with the most female mammals. Sex and submission can go together.

On the other hand, being dominant is truly a different kind of thing. Being the dominating partner, you are the ones initiating the expressions, like kissing, touching and sexing. You usually found on the top of the submissive ones and doing most of the jobs in bed. You are deciding and suggesting what positions needs to be done. You are the ones using power to give pleasure to your submissive partner. You require most of the trust in sex because you hold power knowing that your submissive partner is vulnerable.

Women Love To Be Dominated In Bed

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Now, have you seen the difference?

Why Is It Many Women Love to Dominate in Bed?

From the past few years, the women are seen by many as submissive and vulnerable in all aspects. However, that belief has changed for the better, even in sexual activities where men and women are involved.

So, why become one of the dominant women if you can be submissive? Here are the reasons:

  1. They Hold the Control

If you are the ones who suggest and direct the sexual shots, you are the one who orchestrates everything from the start to the end. Try to know how to be a dominant woman in bed, and you’ll surely love the feeling of being one. Holding the control lets, you lead the way. You hold the right to change or add sex positions without hearing any complains.

  1. They are Teaching their Man

The dominant woman in bed is the ones taking responsibility for everything. If you decided to be the in-charge, you have to teach and guide your partner so that whatever you want will be followed according to the plan. How to dominate a man in bed depends on what you teach and how you teach it. Having the power to teach the vulnerable partner, you should have planned. This will help you eradicate the guesswork in a coming round – that is a relationship-saver for you and your partner.

Women Love To Be Dominated In Bed

  1. They Acquire a Self-Esteem Boost

The fact that you hold power in everything and knowing that you are a woman, there is a big chance of getting a boost of self-esteem. Learning the art of how to be dominant in bed is easy. If you get to be successful, you can feel empowered and sexy in bed with him. You can have the chance to take your sex life into your hands – just like what men have done from the past few centuries.

  1. They Love Sex Even More

As the dominating partner, of course, you are the ones who love sex even more and enjoy the sex experience more. And if you are the submissive ones, what was written here would leave a lot of questions in your head. You are just following what is being said and suggested on that submissive sex. Isn’t it great to be a boss of your bedroom? Of course, it is! If you love sex more than your partner does, you should know how to be more dominant in bed and express that ecstasy by ruling the playground.

How to Dominate in Bed?

There are easy and proven ways on how to dominate your man in bed. Take a step at a time and don’t force it. Make sure you talk about it and create some boundaries of what to do and not. If everything is set, start the party. Hide a little skin and get sexy. Be that kind of a hot boss! Don’t be afraid of getting yourself to be dirty and rough to him. Make him beg, bothered and hot.

Women Love To Be Dominated In Bed

Make him feel he deserves you more than you deserve him. Make him worship you as you touch yourself in his front. You can also tie him up if this is fine with the agreed boundaries. And of course, the thing that you should not forget, make sure you trust each other while you are doing this because trust will help you feel comfortable and relaxed the whole time.

Make him feel you are the best of all dominant women!

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