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X4 Labs Penis Extenders, Your Ultimate Choice for Penis Enlargement


When it comes to the size of the penis, it really matters to men the size that they have. In fact, if it’s not of good size, some of them would opt for different means of trying to increase the sizes. The size of the penis is almost equivalent to his ego and success rate when it comes to sex. The larger it is, the merrier the experience would get. Well good news is that this is exactly what X4 labs is out to achieve. X4 labs Penis Extender are produced by one of the leading companies when it comes to natural penis extensions.

There are many other means and companies selling in the market today but X4 Labs managed to stay on top.

The reason for this is simple, they always take into consideration their customers first. They are one of the few companies who offer customization options so as to make sure that each and every customer will benefit from their products. In this regard, they also ensure that they use nothing but 100% medically approved materials both in the creation of their products and with the devices in their laboratory. They know that to keep their customers, they have to ensure that their health and safety are never compromised. Customers are always the first priority and therefore need to get the best treatment if they are to stay loyal to you and your brand.

x4 labs penis extender

X4 Labs penis extenders

There are only very few companies with this though these days as most are trying to conserve their resources and thus the quality of their products are declining as well. X4 labs penis extender is a penis extension device that is designed in such a manner that it improves the penile size and length as well. In addition to this, it works to straighten also any curvatures that may be present on the penis all in a safe and non-surgical manner.

x4 labs penis extender

Furthermore, they are also one of the few companies who accept other methods of payments like PayPal and Bit Coins to further protect the privacy of their customers. The order to the shipping is also done in a very discreet manner. As much as they want to advertise their product, they opt to use blanks shipping materials so as to continue protecting the privacy of their customers as they know, most customers are embarrassed by the fact that they need to use extenders. By respecting the privacy of their customers, they end up attracting a number of individuals thus making it even more popular. Here are two of the top products from the company which we’re sure you’ll find quite useful.

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Extreme Premium Edition PENIS EXTENDER

x4 labs review

Extreme Premium Edition PENIS EXTENDER is one of the most popular models of penis extenders as it basically contains everything you need to fully customize your device. This does not just come with the extender but it is also equipped with Sinrex Male Enhancement Supplements which is good for 3 months as well as Penis Access exercises. This is to ensure that you will be able to maximize the effects of the extender for better results. Here are other items included in the package.

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Benefits of the Extender

  • This comes with the Premium Edition penis extender in red color.
  • It is also equipped with a red hybrid support piece and red quad support piece as well as a red wide girth base. These are all made with the best quality materials there is.
  • This is also designed with 4200 gram tension springs for further flexibility.
  • This comes with 4 adjustable comfort straps and 4 silicone tube harnesses to make sure the extender is comfortably strapped in your penis. This also allows you to change straps whenever you want to. This also has 2 Ultra-Fit Velcro straps.
  • This comes with 8 anti-bacterial short memory foam pads and with 8 anti-bacterial long memory foam pads. That should be enough to keep you comfortable and clean at all times.
  • This comes with a full set of elongation bars.
  • To continually aid you in reaching your goals. This comes with a PenisAccess DVD and membership, X4 Labs instruction manual and an X4 Labs instructional DVD. With all these guide, you can be sure to obtain the best results. You may also get a free consultation from their experts online anytime.
  • The device comes with a 5 year warranty period too.


x4 labs Penis Extender

Since this is an anniversary edition, you sure are in for a treat. This was designed to be extra special. All features of all the customization and innovations done over a period of 12 years are incorporated in this one special extender. But as much as they want to cater to all customers wanting this package, only a limited number were made so it is only available while supply lasts and they will no longer be manufacturing this special edition. So what is in the package?

  • This comes with an elegant blue luxury edition penis extender.
  • This is also equipped with a blue hybrid support piece and a blue quad support piece with a blue wide girth base. So if you are a lover of the manly color blue, this one’s definitely for you.
  • This comes with 5 adjustable comfort straps, 5 silicone tube harnesses and 2 Ultra-Fi Velcro straps. There, surely you will never run out of straps.
  • This is also equipped with 4200 gram tensions springs.
  • The package contains 10 anti-bacterial short memory foam pads and with 10 anti-bacterial long memory foam pads too.
  • This has a full set of elongation bars.
  • This comes with the limited X4 Labs penis pump.

The above penis extenders would work efficiently to ensure that you get an elongated penis within a short period of time and in a safe manner. Therefore you will not need to use other means that would lead to the worsening of your current situation. Like many other body or muscle enhancement equipment, these best penis extenders make use of the traction technique to stretch the

muscles of the penis thus delivering an increase in its size. The traction technique also increases the blood flow to the penis thus not only ensuring a longer penis size but also a sustainable erection that is sure to make the partner happy and satisfied. Clinical trials have proved a success rate of up to 85 percent thus assuring users of results when they get to use these penis enhancers. This however can be achieved if you only stay true to the instructions and use the extenders with dedication. For maximum benefit, it is advisable that you wear the extender for around 6 hours in a day because the results usually vary depending on the time that has been spent wearing them.

The benefits of these extenders need not be over emphasized. They have been of great help to many men who have not known how to handle the problems they have had with their manhood. They have helped to lengthen the size and width of the penis and thus helping men to increase their performance in bed. Even though there is a certain limit to which the penis may not surpass growth, these extenders play a big role in ensuring that the penis gets a healthy growth.

Extenders not only increase the size, but they also help to improve the sex performance of males and the endurance as well. Therefore men who have used these gadgets can go on with sex for longer periods than those who don’t use these equipment. They will also help to repair irregular penis curvature among other complications.

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  • Matias says:

    Does Extreme Premium Edition Penis Extender really work? I am 47 and already can feel that my penis has become thinner than it used to be a few years back. Although it haven’t affected my sexual lifestyle, but, I can see the side-effects coming my way? Guide me if using this extender will really make me thick as before.

  • Santiago says:

    Impressing my girl friend was always an issue. With the years passing by, I felt like a old man with thinnest penis to satisfy my wife. I tried anniversary ULTRA EDITION Penis extender and it worked. Our sex life is back on track with a healthy penis size and girth. She is always ready for sex,because it is now hot like the days of our youth.

  • Juan says:

    Hi, the issue you are facing is pretty common. We have a stressed lifestyle with bad eating habits which effects our sexual capabilities. There are many other factors that might bring you that decline. Try using X4 Labs penis extenders, it really works. I know someone who is 70 and used this extender to gain back his length effectively.

  • Benjamin says:

    The results of Extreme Premium Edition penis extender can be different for different individuals but you will see a significant change in size (length and width) after a few weeks of using this extender. There are many people who will vouch for my words. Like all good things the changes will be gradual, do not stop using it if you wish to become a healthy penis owner once again.

  • Tomas says:

    I recently had a breakup; My ex said that I do not have a penis that can satisfy her needs. don’t know how many penises she has seen or enjoyed but this is the second time a girl said that to me. I tried this extender and had sex with a girl last weekend. Trust me I impressed her with my tool.

  • Thiago says:

    Girls need big penises for their eyes as well as their vaginas. I am lucky to have used these extenders at right time to have made an impression on the girls I had sex with. Must try if you want to enjoy a happening sex.

  • Santino says:

    I am in my 60s and in this age maintaining healthy penis is a tough job. You face many difficulties and at times erectile dysfunction. Luckily, one of my friend gifted me Extreme Premium Edition PENIS EXTENDER on my 60th birthday. I am as good in sex as I used to be when I was 16. 😉

  • Oliver says:

    I am a businessman who has to travel a lot and I stay at my home very less. I know how tough it is for my wife to survive alone, especially with all her physical needs. She is loyal to me, I know, but I doubt that I am failing to satisfy her these days. The reason is my weak penis; I wish to extend the size, will these extenders work?

  • Thomas says:

    There are many men who have used these extenders and have given positive feedback. Even I have used them myself and felt the progressive change in size. Go ahead with one of these extenders and make your wife happy. However, I also suggest you to stay home more often to have a healthy and happy married life.

  • Lucas says:

    X4 Labs penis extenders but got result only when I tried this worked for me. I had a poor little penis because of bad eating and lifestyle habits. I even consulted a doc for the same but got the results only when I tried this extender. Recommended!!

  • Isaac says:

    Penis issues are very common nowadays, thanks to these penis enlargement extenders that there is a effective solution to gain back your length and size. Now couples can have healthy married life with lots of sexual activities.

  • Ethan says:

    I am using Extreme Premium Edition PENIS EXTENDER for a month now and trust me I have many girls in my contact list that say I am good in bed. It helped me get a good size and gain back my confidence during sex.

  • Alexander says:

    74 years is some age to enjoy sexual pleasures, but, I am proud to have an active sex life. Me & my wife stopped having sex a few years back but then I realized it affects one’s overall health. I used an extender and convinced my wife to resume our sexual relationship. after a while she was more willing than me to have sex whenever possible.

  • Jacob says:

    I love sex and having a huge penis means more girls and more sex. I use Extreme Premium Edition PENIS EXTENDER and claim it the best penis extender. I have a large penis that every girl loves to ride. It is easy to use and the results are guaranteed. I recommend it to gain a active sexual lifestyle.

  • Lachlan says:

    Extenders are better than pills, I guess. You do not have to worry about any health hazard as they function externally. In Fact, the results are more visible when you extenders. I am using Extreme Premium Edition PENIS EXTENDER and can feel the difference in my length. My girlfriend is happy with mu sexual powers, what else do I need.

  • Samuel says:

    Me and my wife are above 60 years of age. We have always have had a happy sex life because we cared about each other. when my penis lost its length and girth, my wife ordered a extenders -Extreme Premium Edition PENIS EXTENDER that I am using for 6 months now. I can feel the results and so do my wife. we still enjoy sex the same way we did when we were newlyweds.

  • Cooper says:

    if you are suffering from penis health issue, it hampers your married life a lot. I have been dealing with a rough marriage because my wife found me too thin to fill her perfectly. Then I started using anniversary ULTRA Edition Penis Extender and slowly and gradually I can see myself gaining the length and width. In fact we are having better sex these days with my wife getting satisfied.

  • Ryan says:

    I am a 40 year old man and I have a very thin penis. My wife loves me a lot but I am afraid she might wander to get sexual pleasure from someone else. The thought is depressing me. What should I do to make me healthy and gain penis length and health. will these extender work for me. I am worried please help!!

  • Harry says:

    Do not worry at all, all these extenders are proven to offer penis health. You can pick one as per your requirements and start using. Trust me, you will feel the difference in sometime. Also, have trust in your marriage. If you love your wife tell her that you are working on your health issue. She will understand and co-operate.

  • Susret says:

    What makes x4 labs any different from the rest? I’m indecisive about which penis extender i should get? im stuck between x4 labs and size genetics? has anyone had any experienc?

  • Luke says:

    If you buy one device you will end up trying a bunch of different ways to secure it to your dick and you will have to vary many other things to get the best out of it. The idea that some company is going to make a drop in perfect penis improvement product is silly, no company can even come close to doing that. Like any other body improvement device, there is only so much the device itself can do and YOU have to find out what works for you. A penis extender can be the basis of a firm start though and I have made good use of my x4labs device. Spend as little on the basic device as possible

  • Harvey says:

    Im young enough that i live with my parents, so it could be VERY awkward. Come to think of it, im not even sure how i would order it. But anyways, can this be something that can be used discreetly? Or is it something you actively have to think about while using (adjusting, etc), and that you need to be alone for?

  • Inigo says:

    I was injured 5 years ago and paralyzed. Lack of daily erections resulted in loss of 2 inches. Been using the X4 for a month now and gained back 1 inch. Now at 6 inches

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