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x4 labs Penis Extender are produced by one of the leading companies when it comes to natural penis extensions. There are many other means and companies selling in the market today but X4 Labs managed to stay on top. The reason for this is simple, they always take into consideration their customers first. They are one of the few companies who offer customization options so as to make sure that each and every customer will benefit from their products. In this regard, they also ensure that they use nothing but 100% medically approved materials both in the creation of their products and with the devices in their laboratory. They know that to keep their customers, they have to ensure that their health and safety are never compromised.

x4 labs Penis Extenders

There are only very few companies with this though these days as most are trying to conserve their resources and thus the quality of their products are declining as well. Furthermore, they are also one of the few companies who accept other methods of payments like PayPal and BitCoins to further protect the privacy of their customers. The order to the shipping is also done in a very discreet manner. As much as they want to advertise their product, they opt to use blanks shipping materials so as to continue protecting the privacy of their customers as they know, most customers are embarrassed by the fact that they need to use extenders. Here are two of the top products from the company which we’re sure you’ll find quite useful.

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Extreme Premium Edition PENIS EXTENDER

Extreme Premium Edition PENIS EXTENDER is one of the most popular models of penis extenders as it basically contains everything you need to fully customize your device. This does not just come with the extender but it is also equipped with Sinrex Male Enhancement Supplements which is good for 3 months as well as Penis Access exercises. This is to ensure that you will be able to maximize the effects of the extender for better results. Here are other items included in the package.

  • This comes with the Premium Edition penis extender in red color.
  • It is also equipped with a red hybrid support piece and red quad support piece as well as a red wide girth base. These are all made with the best quality materials there is.
  • This is also designed with 4200 gram tension springs for further flexibility.
  • This comes with 4 adjustable comfort straps and 4 silicone tube harnesses to make sure the extender is comfortably strapped in your penis. This also allows you to change straps whenever you want to. This also has 2 Ultra-Fit Velcro straps.
  • This comes with 8 anti-bacterial short memory foam pads and with 8 anti-bacterial long memory foam pads. That should be enough to keep you comfortable and clean at all times.
  • This comes with a full set of elongation bars.
  • To continually aid you in reaching your goals. This comes with a PenisAccess DVD and membership, X4 Labs instruction manual and an X4 Labs instructional DVD. With all these guide, you can be sure to obtain the best results. You may also get a free consultation from their experts online anytime.
  • The device comes with a 5 year warranty period too.


Since this is an anniversary edition, you sure are in for a treat. This was designed to be extra special. All features of all the customization and innovations done over a period of 12 years are incorporated in this one special extender. But as much as they want to cater to all customers wanting this package, only a limited number were made so it is only available while supply lasts and they will no longer be manufacturing this special edition. So what is in the package?

  • This comes with an elegant blue luxury edition penis extender.
  • This is also equipped with a blue hybrid support piece and a blue quad support piece with a blue wide girth base. So if you are a lover of the manly color blue, this one’s definitely for you.
  • This comes with 5 adjustable comfort straps, 5 silicone tube harnesses and 2 Ultra-Fi Velcro straps. There, surely you will never run out of straps.
  • This is also equipped with 4200 gram tensions springs.
  • The package contains 10 anti-bacterial short memory foam pads and with 10 anti-bacterial long memory foam pads too.
  • This has a full set of elongation bars.
  • This comes with the limited X4 Labs penis pump.

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