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Yoga for a Better Sex Life


Everyone knows that exercise can improve sex life and the quality of better sex orgasms as well. However, there are more other ways on how to improve your sex life using other helpful alternatives like the famous Yoga.

If you are just a beginner to yoga, this is a fun way and better form of exercise that will spice up you and your partner’s sex life. Yoga is proven to be one of the most effective forms of physical activity that promote better sexual performance. It is like a friend that is always ready to provide you with helpful benefits.

Many people are discovering the health benefits of yoga sex and here are some of the ways on how yoga can improve and spice up your sex life.

  • Feel More Sensual

Yoga for a Better Sex Life
Yoga and sex are the perfect partners in achieving better sex life. If you are one of those who find it hard to climax and satisfy your partner, you can try some of the most recommended yoga sex positions. Yoga can create awareness of the sensations of your body. This also adds up to the total feeling of the body. Yoga also helps you to feel better and stay tune with the overall health of your body.


  • Target Sexual Zones

Yoga for a Better Sex Life
Yoga has a great impact on your overall sexual performance. Having several yoga classes can help improve your body and better perform in bed. Some of the postures include chatarunga, supta konasana, downward dog and many more. With the help of these yoga postures, you can enhance your sexual function and achieve better sexual orgasms.


  • Skin Begins to Feel Better

Yoga for a Better Sex Life
Since yoga is a series of postures and body exercises, this will be geared towards the improvement of your strength, balance, and flexibility. A regular yoga practice can help tone your body and strengthen it at the same time. All of these things will enable you to feel better about your physical appearance and subsequently boost your self-confidence.


  • More Sex Energy

Yoga for a Better Sex Life
Based on latest research, it has been found out that yoga, when practiced correctly can help people achieve better sleep and ultimate relaxation. Most individuals, especially Americans have reported that they are often tired from work and don’t have the drive to have sex. However, with the help of yoga, you can have a great sexual performance just like during your younger years.

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 Yoga Poses to Increase Libido

Yoga Poses to Increase Libido

Yoga is indeed a powerful exercise that you can try to double your sex stamina. This also helps you balance your overall health which affects the different aspects of mental, physical, and emotional. Yoga tones up and increases the body’s energy, efficiently reduces the level of stress. Yoga and sex are two terms that go perfectly together.

There are some poses for both newbie and experienced yoga enthusiast that can help them perform well in bed. Below are yoga poses that increase the libido level in your body. These poses put a deeper experience of the total intimacy and relaxation.

  • Cat/Cow Flow
    From the name itself, this yoga position helps in strengthening the Kegel muscles. Kegel’s muscles are the muscles that contract during every orgasm. The cat to cow movement makes it possible to produce a better orgasm.


  • Bound Angle Pose
    This yoga position can treat low sex libido. By stretching the inner thighs and some wide range of motion, you will feel the sense of the intimacy. This also improves the blood flow and increased the circulation of the blood flow which affects the arousal for sex.


  • Pigeon Pose
    If you have a deep tension, this is a perfect yoga position. Sexual yoga has been helping many men and women who are faced with poor or low sexual libido. This yoga poses for sex are of great help for better sex orgasms. This position also enhances the ability to develop a sense of intimacy together with your loved one.


  • Eagle Pose
    Looking for a sexy sex position? Eagle pose is the right one for you. With this position, you will feel the steadiness which is very essential in relieving stress. This pose is even included in the Kama Sutra.


  • Bridge Pose
    This pose does not only provide intense hip stretch. For women, this helps in toning the vagina which eventually improves the women’s orgasms. This pose tends to squeeze the pelvic muscles which improve the libido level in the body.


  • Downward Dog
    This yoga pose does not just help in relaxing the mind; it also gives way to better sex performance. This does not only boost the muscle tone but also provides a better strength so that you will feel stronger and relaxed.

Yoga and Sex

Yoga has been embraced by countless men and women who are longing to bring back their lost sexual performance. One of the common reasons why many love the exercise is because of the abundant benefits of yoga for better sex.
Are you living a life without sex? Many say that sex is an addiction that is why most people are finding ways just to enjoy and improve their performances. The benefits you will get from yoga can be long lasting and permanent. One of the most recommended ways to create intimacy is to stare into each other’s eyes during the sexual intercourse. With this, you can have the best, multiple orgasms.

Yoga and Sex

The above sexual yoga poses are of great help for your overall sexual performance that will make your partner screams and begs for more sex. Aside from the multiple orgasms, you can achieve, you can also have better mental health. Yoga does not only direct towards the physical aspect of your sexual life, but it also targets improvement of your mental health.

Your partner does not have to do a yoga class with you. However, if you and your partner are open to doing yoga, it will be better to do yoga together. As this will also help both of you to build trust, closeness, and intimacy with each other.


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